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Lake Design & Construction
Grading & Excavating

Big or small, we can build them all.  We work one-on-one with the land owners to design a pond or lake to suit any needs.

When it comes to grading & excavating, we have the equipment and experienced Union Operators to get the job done right. 



Substation Site Development
Transmission Lines

New or existing Substation Development.  From Grading and Excavating to digging holes for pier foundations. 

Transmission Line Access and Restoration Work.  Clearing, excavating, grading and much more.  Employees are trained to safely work around live power lines.

Bridge Design & Renovation

Roadway Design & Repair

We specialize in designing and installing new bridges, or renovation of existing structures.

Rich Gullet & Sons, Inc. specializes in all aspects of roadway design.  We strive on creating roadways that will last for years to come.

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